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Nutrition Power Boost with Super Seed Mix Powder

Make your own Super Seed Mix Powder at home .

Add it to any kind of food you eat and reap the amazing benefits today.

Today's blog post is about using seeds & nuts in our daily diet to increase health and vitality.

I make this power mix once a month and use it daily. I hope you can also try this and reap the benefits.

This mix can be sprinkled on dry curries;

mixed into roti dough;

stirred into gravy curries / sambar;

mixed into soups / stews;

sprinkled on whole-wheat bread;

mixed into pasta sauce.

Basically, you can use this mix on any kind of food you eat; South Indian, North Indian, Mixed Indian, American, anything :)

Ingredients: For a 1 month supply; adding 3 tbl.sp per day to food

- 2 cups of Organic Golden Flax Seeds

- 1 cup of Organic White Sesame seeds

- 1 cup of Chia Seeds

- 3tbl.sp of Organic Cumin / Jeera seeds

- 3tbl.sp of Organic Fennel / Saunf seeds

- 3tbl.sp of Organic Coriander / Dhania seeds

- Cardamom seeds from 4 pods

- 6 Cloves / Lavang

- 3 tbl.sp Organic Hemp seeds

Method :

- Dry roast all the ingredients without hemp seeds.

- Once cooled, blend all the ingredients into a fine powder

- Add hemp seeds; Mix well ; store in an air-tight container

- Add 3 tbl.sp daily to any food you eat.

Benefits :

- Great source of plant-based protein, fiber and healthy fatty acids

- contain Omega-3 fatty acids which improve brain function

- boost Immunity

- Wonderful source of potassium, calcium, magnesium and iron

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