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I have been practicing yoga for the last 3 years and have seen many wonderful benefits physically and emotionally. I have hypothyroidism and was diagnosed 10 years ago and my thyroid levels have always been fluctuating until I started practicing yoga. For the last three years, I am on the lowest dose of medication and my levels have been within the normal range. Asha is a wonderful teacher and we feel encouraged, motivated to practice as much as practically possible to each of our own ability and life commitments, all the while gently pushing to us try a little bit more with each practice. - Suriyaprabha Balarajan

I have been practicing yoga with Asha for almost 3 years now. When I started, I was suffering from severe lower back pain. Practicing Yoga with Asha regularly helped me recover from it.

Asha works with each and every individual in the class very closely with specific instructions that suits one's body.

Yoga practice with Asha gives me an opportunity to take a break from daily chores to concentrate and listen to my body. This has helped me over a period of time to increase body flexibility as well as self-awareness.

I love practicing yoga with Asha.  Thanks for being amazing and positive Asha..! Keep rocking.. :) - Priyanka Patil

Let me begin by saying thanks. I cannot be grateful enough to Asha for introducing me to meditation and guiding me through different meditation techniques. Before her friendship and guidance, I struggled to find peace, struggled to come to terms with many realities of my life. Having practiced yoga and meditation with her, I can truthfully say that I am learning to put things in perspective, handle day-to-day stresses better, and practice the pause. Of the meditation techniques that I learned, I found that I could hold my focus the best with the Naadishuddhi Pranayama. I was also in awe of the positive energy felt during our group Om chanting meditation session. Yoga and meditation with Asha have been the most consistently positive and happy aspects of my life for the past three years, and I am very thankful for this grace - Arya Hebbar

Yoga helps me in many ways

- improved quality of my breathing

- doing Anuloma Viloma Pranayama has helped me greatly to reduce headache / migraine.

- I feel energized after the practice

- Surya Namaskaras help to keep my body more flexible (legs, spine, and hips)

- Stretching my legs with deep breathing helped a lot to reduce the pain/inflammation due to plantar fascitis --Geetha Sreenivasan

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