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What Is My Job On The Planet with a Capital 'J'?

This post is an excerpt from the book "Wherever You Go, There You Are", written by Jon Kabat Zinn, a wonderful Insight Meditation teacher.

This post is about figuring out one's unique contribution to Life, asking questions, figuring out the confusion, growing towards more clarity in thought and in action through Life.

This particular chapter has been very influential to me personally, because I have had to question my own beliefs, opinions and expectations in the past couple of years...I have had to re-define what 'success' means to me, what 'respect' means to me, what 'self-integrity' means to me - basically, understand this human which is 'ME' a little better, unravel the inner mystery, so to speak...

I do hope it helps you too, in any way it speaks to you and your inner questioning.

"What Is My Job On The Planet with a Capital J?

This is one question we might ask ourselves again and again through this life.

Rarely do we question and then contemplate with determination what our hearts are calling us to do and to be.

If I ask the above question and I don't come up with an answer other than 'I don't know', then I just keep asking.

If you start reflecting on such questions when you're in your twenties, by the time, you are thirty-five, or forty, or fifty or sixty, the inquiry itself may have led you a few places that you would not have gone, had you merely followed mainstream conventions, or your parents expectations of you, or even worse, your own unexamined self-limiting beliefs and opinions.

You can start asking this question any time, at any age. There is never a time of Life when it would not have a profound effect on your view of things and the choices you make.

It may not mean you will change WHAT you do, but it may mean that you may change HOW you see it or HOW you do it.

But, you do have to be patient with this way of thinking.

It takes time to grow this way of BEING in your life.

The place to start , of course, is Right Here..

The Best Time? How about, Now? "

Do write your thoughts, feelings on this.

In Peace,


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