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Shamatha Meditation - Begin with the Right Choice

If you have signed up for the Shamatha Meditation Session on Jan.30th, please take a few minutes to read this blog post.

If you haven't signed up yet, what are you waiting for?

I will be posting a series of articles about the Meditation class, how the class will be taught over the next few months, what are the different kinds of Meditation available to us, what is needed within our minds & hearts for the practice to be successful etc.

I am sincerely hoping that each one of you can start your Meditation practice this New Year; then maintain a consistent practice daily, weekly, monthly; grow in your innate capacity towards sustainable balance & peace through the different changes of Life.

The Shamatha Series of Meditation classes are meant for all of us; no previous experience is required; all that is really needed is an open mind & a gentle heart!

I have learnt from different teachers over the past 20 years; I have studied Insight / Vipassana Meditation, as taught by Sri.S.NGoenkaJi in India and I have learnt Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction(MBSR) Meditation from Dr.Jon Kabat Zinn in the US. I will be teaching from both of these techniques.

In the first class on Jan.30th, I will be starting with :

- why Mindfulness Meditation is essential to keep emotional balance

- why starting it right now is indeed the best time to start

- how a daily 10-minute practice can keep one sane & balanced

- exploring various Mindfulness techniques

- learning Pranayama & Nada (sound) techniques to deepen focus

- answering any questions students have

- sharing links to help maintain a daily practice

- exploring a short Mindful Eating practice

- A short Yoga Nidra to end the session calmly

Props necessary for Jan.30th:

- For Meditation - A firm cushion to sit on/ a Wall for back support

- For Yoga Nidra - Yoga mat, a pillow, a blanket

- For Mindful Eating - 6 Raisins or 6 Almonds or 6 Cashews

- Charge/class : 10$

- An Open & Curious Mind

- A desire to live Life consciously :)

I am very excited to start this series! Hope you are too!

Do write to me with any questions you have.


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