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It's Never Late For Yoga - Meet Lalitha Aunty, 75, going strong!!

Kavita, Renuka, Me, Lalitha Aunty, Pinky, Suba, Asha (Tuesday 10am batch)

Today I'm writing about Smt.Lalitha Soundarrajan.

She's 75 years young and is full of energy and passion for Life and Yoga practice.

She's visiting her son who lives in San Ramon. She has been practicing Yoga in Tamil Nadu for the past 10 years. She has diabetes which has been controlled with regular yoga and pranayama practice.

She has been coming to my classes for the past 3 months, without missing a single class :)

In her own words : "Yoga has given me flexibility, energy and more youthfulness. Yoga helped me to strengthen and calm my nervous system, so I get good sleep in the night and never feel lonely. My mental clutter gets cleared and that makes me less anxious, happier and feel more peaceful"

I really enjoyed having her as part of the classes.

Always a smile as she entered class; attentive listening to instructions ; making variations to postures to suit her body's limitations; paying attention to her body's response ; humble and heartfelt connection to me and everyone in class.

I definitely improved my understanding of Tamil , communicating with her :)

She's an inspiration to all of us, right?

Not someone we see on social media ; not someone who's been airbrushed and photo-shopped to perfection; no need for lululemon leggings; no need to perch precariously on a falling ledge;

but, someone who's real, genuine, dedicated.

True Yoga is about our inner authenticity and spiritual self. As we practice regularly, we connect it to our outer-self; we show up to every practice using Asanas to open the body, using our Breaths to balance and focus the mind, reducing clutter and chaos. We work towards physical, mental and emotional balance with every practice on the mat.

And, we repeat this process over and over again.

Lalitha Aunty has been doing that graciously, beautifully for this lifetime.

In India, she says she never misses a class. She schedules her day to fit in Yoga , 4 days a week!!

I wanted to share her true story with all of you to help you feel inspired, feel a deeper connection to your journey towards better health well into your seventies :)

It's definitely possible.

Will I now see you in class , regularly :)?


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