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Immunity - Boost it with Ritucharya Asanas, Pranayama & Ayurvedic Remedies

As the seasons change, leaves turn color and the temperatures start to drop outside - our Yoga practice also should change and adapt to changes outside.

This is called 'Ritucharya' - seasonal practice. The Pranayama techniques, the Asanas are designed to meet the current conditions of the body & the mind, leading to Balance within.

Thymus Tap and Lymph Node Tapping Technique:

Sit tall on a block / cushion and close eyes. Curl fingertips and gently tap the center of the chest 24 times. Next, tap the fingers just below the earlobes 24 times. Next, tap next to the belly button 24 times. Practice for a 2nd cycle. Then, sit quietly for 6 breaths

Bhastrika Pranayama - Practice this Pranayama for 2 cycles, with 20 - 24 strong breaths per cycle.

Asana Vinyasa Practices : These postures help to move the Prana to different parts of the body and drain the lymph nodes of toxins.

- Start in a comfortable seated position, drawing the length of the spine upwards, leaning shoulders down and bring the palms into prayer position.

- Supine Postures -:

  • Begin with spinal twists for 6 breaths

  • Ardha Apanasana / Leg Lifts / Jatara Parivartasana / Ardha Pawanamuktasana - Hold right knee into chest; bind palms behind knee, hold for 6 breaths. Then, bind hands behind right thigh and lift right leg to sky, hold for 6 breaths. Then, drop right leg to the left side , following the breaths for 6 rounds. Then, finish with Ardha Pavanamuktasana by lifting the right leg and the head off the floor; repeating 6 times. Then, try all the Asanas on the left leg.

- Surya Namaskara Vinyasa Sequence -: Practice every Asana for 6 breaths

  • Tadasana - Stand with prayer hands and focus the mind

  • Urdhva Hastasana - Extend arms to sky

  • Uttanasana - Fold forward , place hands on legs

  • Malasana Twist - Turn all toes outward, squat into Malasana. Inhale, sweep right hand to sky; exhale and place it to floor; repeat 6 times. Then, hold pose for 6 breaths

  • Uttithta Phalakasana / Plank - Step legs back into Plank

  • Ashtanga Namaskara - Drop body down to mat, placing chin, chest, palms, knees, toes on floor, lifting the hips & glutes away from mat. Hold this for 10 breaths

  • Makarasana 1 - Release body to the floor, widen legs to the edges of the mat, place left hand on right, place head on hands; hold for 10 breaths

  • Makarasana 2 - Turn head to right side, draw the right knee up and hold for 10 breaths

  • Bhujangasana - Inhale to lift upto Bhujangasana, exhale to release to the floor; repeat 6 times. Hold the pose for 6 breaths

  • Adho Mukha Shvanasana - Lift hips up and bring the body to an inverted V-shape

  • Ashwa Sanchalasana - Drop knees to the floor and step right foot forward

  • Uttanasana - Fold forward , place hands on legs

  • Urdhva Hastasana - Extend arms to sky

  • Tadasana - Stand with prayer hands and relax the mind

- Seated Postures :-

  • Upavishta Konasana / Wide-angled Legs/ Side Bend/ Forward bend - Sit on a block, keep the legs wide open, turn toes to sky, place palms in Prayer pose. Inhale, extend hands to sky; exhale, bend over the right leg. Then, bend over the left leg. Then, bend into a full forward bend. Repeat movements for the next 6 breaths. Then, stay in every pose for 6 breaths

- Naadishuddhi Pranayama Practice - Breathe slowly and practice the Pranayama. You can do it for 2 cycles, with 9 complete breaths.

- End practice with "Om" chanting 6 times.

Ayurvedic Home remedies - try as a Daily Ritual / Dinacharya

- Gargle every day with warm water, salt and turmeric powder

- Eat warm foods, with spices like black pepper, ginger, turmeric, garlic

- Drink 'Golden Milk' everyday - To a glass of hot milk/ almond milk / oat milk, add 1/2 tsp of turmeric and crushed cardamom seeds.

- Avoid cheesy foods

- Drink warm water through the day; Avoid ice water

- Keep up the Asanas and Pranayama practices regularly

- Increase Vit. C intake / take a supplement

- Add Vit. B12 supplement

- Rest well at night, get at least 6 - 7hrs of sleep :)

- Add Immunity Tea / once a day :

Dry Roast on very low heat :

12 fresh mint leaves,

4 tbl.sp jeera / cumin,

4 tbl.sp Ajwain / Carom seeds,

4 cardamom pods, add seeds

4 inch Dalchini /Indian cinnamon,

4 tbl.sp Dhania seeds / coriander seeds,

4 tbl.sp organic ginger powder

Cool , add 4 tbl.sp organic turmeric powder and grind into a fine powder. Use 1 tsp for making tea. Add honey, if needed.

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