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Immunity !! Boost it with Asanas, Pranayama, Ayurvedic Remedies & Accupressure points

Asana & Pranayama Practices : These postures and breathing techniques help to move the Prana to different parts of the body and drain the lymph nodes of toxins.

  • Start in a comfortable seated position, drawing the length of the spine upwards, leaning shoulders down and bring the palms into prayer position.

  • Chant ‘OM” 6 times, bringing the mind/body to the present moment.

  • Bhastrika Pranayama - Practice this Pranayama for 2 cycles, with 20 - 25 fast, strong breaths per cycle.

  • Start with Neck Rolls – Inhale, look up; Exhale, look down, repeat 6 times.

  • Deep Side Bends - Stretch hands at shoulder level; Inhale deeply; exhale and bend to the right side, placing right hand down, extending left hand overhead; repeat side-to-side for 6 breaths.

  • Forward Bend - Interlace fingers. Inhale, lift both hands to sky; exhale and fold into a forward bend; repeat 6 times. Then, stay in the forward bend for 6 breaths.

  • Table - Cat / Cow Breathing - Come into Table pose. Inhale, arch back, look up; exhale, round the back, release neck down. Repeat 6 times.

  • Hand Rotations in Table - In Table, raise the right hand, as you breathe, move right hand in big rotations , opening up the shoulder. Repeat with left hand.

  • Extended Cat / Cow Posture - From Table, move both hands forward on the mat. Now, inhale, lengthen body to the front, look up; exhale, stretch both hands fully and sink to the ground; repeat movement 6 times.

  • Downward Dog / Adho Mukha Shvanasana Posture - Come into Downward Dog, stretch hands and legs fully, breathe for 8 counts and release back into the child’s pose.

  • Standing Postures - Tadasana / Hands Extension on Toes - Stand tall, breathe deeply for 10 breaths. Then, raise both hands to sky; come onto toes; Repeat for 10 breaths.

  • Deep Forward Bend/ wide legs - Step legs wide apart, interlace fingers together. Inhale, lift hands to sky; exhale into a forward bend; repeat 6 times. Then, stay into the pose for 6 breaths

  • Seated Postures - Paschimottanasana / Forward Bend - Sit tall, bring palms into prayer pose. Inhale, lift hands to sky; exhale into a forward bend; repeat 6 times. Then, hold pose for 6 breaths.

  • Supine Postures - Bridge / SetuBandhasana Pose - Lie down on the mat, stretch both hands overhead, bring feet in, inhale and lift hips off the floor, hold for 10 counts.

  • Naadishuddhi Pranayama Practice - Breathe slowly and practice the Pranayama. You can do it for 2 cycles, with 9 complete breaths.

End practice with "Om" chanting

Ayurvedic Home remedies - try as a Daily Ritual / Dinacharya

- Gargle every day with warm water, salt and turmeric powder

- Eat warm foods, with spices like black pepper, ginger, turmeric, garlic

- Drink 'Golden Milk' everyday - To a glass of hot milk/ almond milk / oat milk, add 1/2 tsp of turmeric and crushed cardamom seeds.

- Avoid cheesy foods

- Drink warm water through the day; Avoid ice water

- Keep up the Asanas and Pranayama practices regularly

- Increase Vit. C intake / take a supplement

- Add Vit. B12 supplement

- Rest well at night, get at least 6 - 7hrs of sleep :)

- Add Immunity Tea / once a day :

Dry Roast on very low heat :

12 fresh mint leaves,

4 tbl.sp jeera / cumin,

4 tbl.sp Ajwain / Carom seeds,

4 cardamom pods, add seeds

4 inch Dalchinni /Indian cinnamon,

4 tbl.sp Dhania seeds / coriander seeds,

4 tbl.sp organic ginger powder

Cool , add 4 tbl.sp organic turmeric powder and grind into a fine powder. Use 1 tsp for making tea. Add honey, if needed.

Accupressure Points :

Point A : Near the inner ankle joint on both legs - Press thumbs down on the spot, rotate for 10 circles

Point B : In the webbing between big toe and next toe - Press thumbs down on the spot, rotate for 10 circles

Point C: 1 inch above outer ankle joint on both legs - Press and rotate thumbs for 10 circles

Point D / Thymus Tap: Tap from the center of the collar bones outward towards the shoulders; repeat 10 times

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