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Happy New Year - Let's bid adieu to 2022

We are here again, at the end of this year and the beginning of the next. Sharing a few of my thoughts, feelings and words to help awaken you to the inherent Beauty of Life, here and now.

Sharing a poignant poem by Bernedette Miller . Aren't the words meaningful?

Each year, there are endless possibilities open for us to bid farewell to the old and embrace the potential of what's to come.

What would you do if you really knew that life was wanting to sing through you?

What would you say if your words could convey prayers that the world was waiting to pray?

What would you be if your being could free some piece of the world’s un-whispered beauty?

What would you stop to bless and caress if you believed that blessing could address our painful illusions of brokenness?

What would you harvest from heartache and pain if you understood loss as a way to regain the never-forsaken terrain of belonging?

What would you love if your love could ignite a sea full of stars on the darkest night? - Bernedette Miller

Start your New Year connected, centered and grounded. Skip the empty, guilt-driven resolutions and instead start the New Year by connecting to yourself with Intention & Honesty.

And so, how will you step into this new year? How will you spend your days, all 365 of them? Will you be aware of the passage of Time, as January turns into February and so on? Or will this year be a blur, like the others before them?

These are meaningful questions to contemplate on; maybe on a solitary walk in the chilly trails outside. Each one of us has to divine our own answers to these; some of them will be hard to accept and put into practice; some will be swept under the rug by February :) and some will seep into our consciousness longer and become a way of Life from now.

What you are, the world is. And without your transformation, there can be no transformation of the world.” - Jiddu Krishnamurti

Who do you want to be—as an individual and as part of a collective, for yourself and for our world?

- Can the changes be gentle and goals be doable? Can I walk 30 minutes daily than the furrowed-brow-struggling-to-finish-10,000steps-daily?

- Can we treat ourselves with more kindness then yesterday? Can I forgive myself for being flawed, imperfect? Can I accept that Life is less harsh when my internal monologue is less harsh, daily?

- Can I enjoy food with all tastes? Simple meals, eaten with contentment go a long way to nourish & nurture our troubled, stressed selves on any given day. I so enjoy a piece of dark chocolate brownie, eaten slowly :)

- Can I give an hour in the week to Myself - to breathe deeper, to feel the rhythm of the body, to nourish this aging, but wonderful Self with Yogic stretches & Pranayama?

- Spiritual nourishment is so important for all of us. What form appeals to you? Rituals or free-form? Formal Meditation or playing with paints? Find your unique connection, draw on the deep flowing energy within. This will help you sustain the winds of Life's changes, definitely!

- As I apply these changes with intention, can I walk this planet with less aggression, less misery then yesterday?

More questions, more contemplation awaits you :)

What you make of this year is finally up to you.

We cannot control the storms of Life as they come and challenge us; we can learn to breathe through them. When Life is kind and the waves are gentle, let's be grateful and thankful!

Hope to see you on the mat, ready to sail this year!!


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