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Finally, 2020 is ending; a New Year, 2021,is coming!!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

What an year it has been, hasn't it?

As we come to the last few days of this year, I am pondering the roller coaster ride we have all been on.

Dr. Rachel Naomi Remen writes in her book Kitchen Table Wisdom that there is no ending without a beginning, that beginnings and endings are always right up against each other, like close friends.

Nothing ever ends without something else beginning;

Or begins without something else ending

Perhaps this would be easier if we had a word for it, like 'endbegin' or 'beginend'

These words seem to make sense to me now.

This year has been hard for all of us; it has affected us in different ways, in differing degrees through the long months.

We have all made choices to wear masks; to socially isolate ourselves and our families; to work, study, and practice Yoga from home. Some of us have lost beloved family members to this virus. We have learned to behave in ways we would have found unfathomable a year ago.

We have learnt to connect deeper; taken long walks together; baked a dozen cakes; binge-watched Netflix shows and laughed & cried; lost jobs & found new ones;

each day, growing with acceptance, instead of resentment & anger;

growing with uncertainty of Life & the future;

evolving, hopefully to excel our previous versions to healthier, resilient people.

My deep bow of Namaste & gratitude to You;

for coming to your mat for practice each week, even though it was all online;

for having faith & patience with technical glitches;

for developing perseverence & strength in your body and mind.

I do hope you will join me in 2021 for continuing with this lifelong practice of Mindful Movement with mindful breaths.

It might be 6 more months before it's safe for all of us to start in-person classes.

Based on the results of the survey that all of you filled out, these are the changes to the ongoing schedule of classes;

- Thanks so much for your positive messages and appreciating my methods & content of teaching.

- Thanks also for the constructive critiques which I will keep in mind as I begin the next year of classes.

- The price/class will be $10 from next week.

- Sessions will be taught in 10 class bundle. You can finish 10 classes in 12 weeks or earlier.

- The option to attend any time slot remains flexible.

- I will start the classes with a Prayer to Patanjali, I will send a link to learn the prayer

- Every class will begin with Surya Namaskara A sequence.

- I will be adding a dedicated Meditation/Pranayama class, once a month on a weekday evening

- I will be reteaching Vinyasa sequences (like Chakra Yoga and Immunity Yoga), once every 10 weeks, so you can develop more knowledge & depth in familiar sequences

- I will be following the Viniyoga style of teaching, in which there's a holistic blend of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation in each class. The last 15 minutes of Pranayama & Meditation is not optional in this way of learning & practice :)

CURRENT ONLINE SCHEDULE - JANUARY 2021/ Group Classes / Therapy Classes

Monday : 10-11am // Therapy 11.15am / Therapy 4pm / Therapy 5.15pm

Tuesday : Private Therapy Classes

Wednesday: 6-7am / 10-11am / 7-8pm // Therapy 3pm / Therapy 5.45pm

Thursday : Private Therapy Classes

Friday : 10-11am / 7-8pm // Therapy 11,15am / Therapy 3pm / Therapy 5.30pm

Saturday : 8-9am / 10-11am

Sunday : Beginner Batch 8-9am

Sunday : 10-11am

Dedicated Meditation/Pranayama class: 2nd Tuesday of every month; 6.30 -7.30pm

Begins on January 12th.

Do reach out to me if you have any questions/concerns.

See you soon on the mat, with renewed vigor, interest and faith,


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