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Birthday of the World - A New Year, 2022

Updated: Dec 29, 2021

Here we are again, at the end of one year and beginning a New Year!!

The things done & undone; finding ways to breathe with ease, creating memories which propel us towards peace within. But it's a difficult process, isn't it? Where do we even start?

I love this little verse from poet Dorothy Hunt : "Peace is this moment without judgement. This moment in the heart-space where everything that is, is welcome".

With the world under this current pandemic situation, the last two years have been a lot of adjustment in our lives. Things which we thought as very important have shifted their importance, we work differently, we learn differently, we think & feel differently. I have definitely changed, grown and accepted a lot of shifts in thinking, teaching & living my truths.

No matter what our external circumstances are, no matter whether it's cold, rainy, hot or dry, choosing moments to be happy & grateful is a lesson learned and lived daily. Life is always going to be full of ups & downs & constant changes; therefore realizing that Happiness is a state of mind is a key lesson to earn.

The online zoom classes have become easier to teach, although I do miss the in-person connections.

I miss the laughs as we all did a delicate balance on one foot in Vrkshasana ; I miss the breaths deepening as we tried to hold Warrior 2 for 10 breaths or more; I miss the quiet chuckles as we bent backwards in Camel pose getting the heart to open deeper;

Practicing together, breathing together, building a community of like-minded souls is indeed a Blessing, an Ashirvadah.

That's Satsangha - " A conscious collection of humans working , evolving, ever-growing in wisdom, kindness and developing an abiding interest in this lifetime of being Human"

I am very grateful to all of you, my dear community of fellow travelers for transitioning to this online journey with me, seamlessly. It does look like we will be online till the early months of the New Year too :)

Can you believe that it's going to be 2 years to the coming March, on this online practice path?

I definitely didn't think it would last this long. Nobody did. This storm has surprised all of us.

But, I believe that we have all done a tremendous job in handling our new choices, right?

We are all Warriors on this path of Life right now; taking care of ourselves and our loved ones; striving to find balance between work & home ; trying to eat a balanced diet; trying to include daily Surya Namaskaras to keep this body agile & healthy; practicing Pranayama daily to maintain emotional equilibrium; Carving out a time for Meditation - for reflection, to make room, make sense, make peace.

In this process, we have to forgive ourselves for being just Human, not Superhuman!!

We make errors, we forget to breathe & clench muscles tightly in stress, we eat too much processed food, we struggle with setting boundaries. It's all Grist for the Mill.

As we end this year, it's important to reflect on the journey it has been;

- How did I handle challenges this year? Can I make any changes in the coming year?

- How can I maintain work / life balance better?

- Can I make time for Yoga practice daily / weekly? :))

- Can I walk in Nature mindfully, savoring the crisp winds, breathing in the fresh air joyfully?

- Can I enjoy a hot, home-cooked meal; tasting all the flavors slowly?

- Can I say 'No' to yet another commitment, so I have time / energy for my deeper choices?

- Can I show-up fully to this Life I have, instead of a discontented past or a future self?

I know some of you might be rolling your eyes right now :)

Who has the time to do all this? Life is so busy, Life is so stressful !!

Paulo Coelho, author of "The Alchemist" says

"It's the simple things in Life that are the most extraordinary"

The question is : How will You make yours extraordinary in the most ordinary ways?

The answer is really up to You.

To help you on this path, I am introducing a few changes in the Yoga classes.

- Vira Vinyasa Class Saturday 8am class - For those of you who want to work faster, to build endurance, stamina and muscle tone. Each weekend, we will work with the Theme of the week; we will all practice slowly with longer breaths & holds in every pose; then, I will guide you to faster repetition of the sequence a couple of times. We will also practice Surya Namaskaras A /B /C the same way. Do take a moment to express your interest in this class in the feedback form.

Please note that I will not be demonstrating the poses after the first cycle; you will take responsibility to practice safely within your body's limits.

- Mridu Beginner & Help Heal your Body Group Class / Monday 6.15-7.15pm - As the name suggests, this class is for complete Beginner's, for students with health concerns like back pain, shoulder & neck pain, elbow & wrist issues etc. The whole practice will be very gentle, slow with emphasis on healing, releasing muscles and recovering lost strength. Please take a moment to show your interest on the feedback form.

- Shamatha Pranayama / Meditation Bi-monthly Class / 2nd & 4th Tuesday /6 - 7pm - An hour dedicated to deepening our Pranayama & Meditation practice every month. We will explore different Pranayama techniques in detail; like Kapalabhati, Bhastrika, Bhramari, Anuloma Viloma , Pratiloma Viloma, Shitali and I will attempt to introduce you to holding the breaths using Kumbhaka, Puraka and Rechaka patterns. We will explore sitting in Meditation for longer periods of time, bringing equanimity & stability to the chaos of the mind space. I will give time for questions at the end of each class. Please be prepared to sit in silence and explore the possibility of a spacious & stress-free mind. Again, please express your interest in the feedback form.

Deep Namaste to You, Dear friend, for choosing to walk this path with me.

Hope to see you soon,


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