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Unfolding of the Yoga Journey!! More stories

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Read about Padmaja's and Nithya's journey with the practice. 6 years? 7 years? And still continuing :)

" It is 6 years ago, Asha that I started my yoga practice with you. And it has been an amazing journey of learning, discovering and experiencing yoga. I like the way you bring something new for us to practice every week and keep it exciting as well as challenging, be it in-person class or on zoom. You always encourage us to do a little more but at the same time practice ahimsa and not injure ourselves. Over the past 6 years my approach to yoga has significantly changed. Thanks to you, Asha I enjoy doing yoga every single time I am on the yoga mat and feel a sense of happiness and calm at the end of practice. Looking forward to many more years of learning and practicing yoga with you." - Padmaja Vemperala

" I have been learning and Practicing Yoga with Asha for 7 years now. I started in 2015 and I had this severe condition called Hip Bursitis where I had severe pain. This started because of my long commute to work, and I started 1/1 therapy sessions with Asha. I use to go 5-6 days a week and then within a year I was able to transition to group classes and my pain came down drastically and in 2016 I was able to climb Tirupathi (It is a temple in India which is at the hill top and the trek is about 9 miles steep up) with no pain. I have never looked back since then and have been practicing Yoga almost every day. One thing I learnt is that you will have to believe in Yoga and it is not just about body but about mind too. Asha has been an incredible teacher and a friend. I love the way she takes time to teach the postures and also as she always says I strongly believe that it is not about jumping around but how much you focus and yoga always harder when you do it slower. I also love Asha’s Meditation classes and I have started meditating 15 minutes everyday now. I started with 5 minutes and have come to 15 now. Again Meditation is just sitting but that is the hardest thing to do when you have to sit in silence with oneself. To sum it up, Yoga has been part of my life now and I can never look back. It has been an incredible journey this past 7 years with Asha and I’m thankful for everything she does. Namaste." - Nithya Prakash

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