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Omkara Chanting & Insight Meditation Class February 2nd ,4 -5pm

Namaste, It's a gorgeous day outside!! Hope you are enjoying the cool winter winds :) Thanks to everyone who has signed up to attend the Meditation class on February 2nd, Sunday at 4pm.

You are in for a great adventure!! I guess there will be a few questions in your mind about the class. I wanted to explain the structure of the class, techniques we are going to use and other relevant information. Please come to the studio a few minutes before 4pm. Please bring a thick cushion to sit on and a warm throw to cover yourself as we sit. Parking : Since there are going to be around 20-25 students, I request that you;

 - Park on the outer edge of the loop

 - in Creekside Park , on Wedgewood Road and walk a few steps into Cedarwood Loop 

- park in Bark & Ride on Stoneleaf road and walk into Cedarwood Loop

- Car pool with a few friends

Structure of the Class:  In the 1-hour class, I am going to begin by explaining Insight Meditation, Mindfulness concepts, benefits and Basic Instructions. We will start with OM-kara Meditation, chant Omkara 108 times and sit in silence for 20 minutes.

I will give time for questions / doubts, since this process might be challenging to begin with :)

If you have done Meditation before, this will be a good refresher course to explore. If you haven't done Meditation before, it will be a great start to a Journey to Understand Yourself. Looking forward to sitting in silence with all of you :) Asha

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