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Yogic Narratives - More stories from the practice

Madhavi - "After participating in Karuna Yoga for the past 2 1/2 years, I have noticed positive changes in my life such as an increase in flexibility and physical strength. Most importantly, yoga is a crucial way for me to feel calm, unwind, and relax. While each practice is different, they are both challenging and rewarding"

Saurabh & Kavita Kashikar - "1 hour that we always look for in a day. We started this journey few months before Covid as in person sessions. Be it morning to start the day or evening before dinner, Yoga session by Asha gets us to the stillness and balance required to perform various Asanas. Clear Narrations and guidance given by Asha for each step helps mind focus on every step. As world came to stand still, remote online sessions conducted by Asha were and still are the best start to the day. Variations every week are well structured and opens up every body muscle. It is perfectly paced to warm up , rigor and cool down routine. We both sincerely thank Asha for guiding us to keep healthy body and mind."

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