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Fundraiser for Vimochana - Share your Inner Light & Blessings this Weekend

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

When you choose to attend the 2nd Shamatha Session this Sunday, you will be helping not just Yourself, but you will be lending a helping hand to mothers, sisters & daughters in distress.

I have decided to contribute 100% of the charges of this weekend's session and the next month's session to Vimochana - an NGO located in Bengaluru, which is working tirelessly, daily, to help struggling women.

If you must search me out, Just know at the door In each street, of each city, of each country It’s a curse, a benediction both And wherever you find a free soul That’s my home

– Amrita Pritam

Vimochana , means liberation - An NGO which has been doing wonderful, meaningful work for 40 years. Their specific concern is to address the personal forms of violence against women within the home and outside. I strongly believe we are all very blessed and we could share some of that positive energy with this NGO.

The amount (10$) that you pay me for the Shamatha session will be donated to Vimochana. You are welcome to donate more, if your heart moves you. Please let me know.

So, block out one hour this Sunday, Feb.27th, from 4-5pm.

Attend the session; grow your Inner strength and balance; Connect from your heart-space to Yourself and to less fortunate women. Please share this information with your friends & family. They are welcome to join the Shamatha session.

Please read more about Vimochana here :

Hope to see you on Sunday.


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