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Be inspired by Poonam's Journey!

"I am Asha's older yoga student, I had never practiced yoga before. I joined her online classes during Pandemic, joining Asha's class was the best decision I made for myself and my health. I never envisioned that I will enjoy yoga so much and this is because Asha makes the class interesting and conducts in a format where people can follow. The impact of yoga two days a week for two years is showing its results. I have more strength in my muscles. It became evident when I went for a massage, she is the person I have been going to for 15+ years, as soon as she started massage she said your muscles are loose, and asked, what changes have I made to my life style.?

Asha teaches her yoga classes with passion, love and tries to educate a lay person like me. She teaches her classes very skillfully so that everyone in the class can follow her. She always encourages everyone to try hard poses. Asha has good communication skills, if anyone in the class asks questions, she listens and tries to help the person learn the pose in a simple way. I admire her energy and enthusiasm about her classes.

A good yoga teacher has to have following good qualities of communication, listening and patience...............Asha is endowed with these qualities............I am happy to be Asha's student"

- Poonam Goyal

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