Karuna Yoga
                                 Shamatha Meditation & Pranayama Session - 3
                                       Mindful Yoga & Peaceful Hiking Practice

Location: Six Pillars Park, 12219 Windemere Parkway, San Ramon
Time  & Date : March,27th, 4.30 - 6pm; 
Props needed: Yoga mat, water bottle, comfortable hiking shoes
Charge for the session: Gratitude & Joy :)

In our 3rd Shamatha session, I am excited to lead you on a different kind of Mindful practice. 
We all enjoy hiking, we all love Yoga, right? Why not combine the two? 
Yoga & Hiking is simply combining a hike with yoga into one awesome session outdoors!

Hiking is an excellent cardio and muscle builder while Yoga adds the stretching, deep breathing, and meditation aspect.
There’s a yogic focus to hiking: a focus on the breath, a deep presence, and an attunement to one’s body and to nature that I experience as deeply meditative. Yoga poses can help prepare you for the trials of hiking because yoga is excellent for training for joints, muscles, and balance. A yoga practice can also soothe tired legs or sore muscles the next day.
I hope you can carve out this time for yourself this month; come and join me to stretch, breathe and hike.

I have put together a simple, accessible, and effective sequence that we can do before the hike. We will then walk, mindfully and joyfully, for 45 minutes. The hiking trail at Six Pillars Park is quite easy for everyone. Then, we will come back to the park, finish with mindful Pranayama and a few final stretches.
Let me know if you can come to this fun session