Karuna Yoga
Shamatha Meditation & Pranayama Session - 2

Date & Time of Shamatha Session 2: February 27th, 4-5 pm

How has your Meditation practice been unfolding in the past few weeks? 

Maybe you could do it for a couple of days, maybe you have continued to sit daily, maybe you haven't found your inner stillness yet. 

In Meditation lingo, it's all grist for the mill :)

It means that learning to sit still with your chaotic & fluctuating mind is one of the hardest challenges to learn. So does that mean you can't do it? No, not at all. You can definitely learn to get better at recognizing the wildness of the mind, the relentless procession of thoughts and still choose to connect with the soft silence between thoughts. It's there..we just have to sit a little longer to connect to the space of awareness.

So, book your Sunday afternoon on the 27th at 4pm. 

Join me in an hour-long discussion, practice, and understanding of this Mind & Heart. 

Please bear in mind that this class is focused on stilling the fluctuations of the mind and increasing Pranic energy.


I will be teaching a deeper Pranayama technique, The Yogic Breath, where we divide a single breath into 3 different parts; The Puraka / Inhalation; The Kumbhaka / Retention; The Rechaka / Exhalation. 

We will start learning this deeper connection to the Yogic Breath; how it helps to decrease blood pressure, how it regulates the functioning of the left & right hemispheres of the brain.

Learn it the right way; practice it for a lifetime.

Mantra Japa  Omkara Meditation - 

We will also explore Mantra Japa with Omkara Meditation. The vibrations of Omkara Meditation have been recorded & analyzed by several scientists. 

It helps in -

- Cleansing the mind from negative energies

- Controlling the emotional energy of the heart

- Improves concentration, memory, and understanding capacity of the brain

- Relaxes the body; releases stress & strain; creates acceptance

- Charges the surrounding environment with regular practice


 I will finish the session with another Guided Yoga Nidra Practice - This is turning out to be the best part of the class!! Don't miss this wonderful, relaxed Guided Meditation practice.

I do hope you will make time & space in your Life for this class every month. Please reach out to me with any questions.